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Spring Fashion Trends

This year’s spring fashion is all about bold colors. Ditch the traditional pastels for some striking shades, especially when it comes to skirts. These style staples are perfect for warmer weather and go with almost any kind of footwear. But don’t just reach for stunning solids because prints are back in a big way. Floral is really making a splash this season, along with polka dots, plaids, tie dye, stripes, and animal patterns for the truly daring. No need to worry about pairing a loud bottom with a subdued top; mixing prints is right on the mark, so long as the combos mesh well. Celebs from Riana to Kim Kardashian are falling for floral, so you should, too!

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Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin

Facials and skin care products certainly don’t hurt your complexion, but there are other simple, every day habits you can develop to keep your skin looking radiant. For starters, start concentrating on your eating habits.

Diet doesn’t play as big of a role in fighting skin conditions as the old wives’ tales would have you believe. Nevertheless, what you eat does play a role in maintaining your appearance. Foods rich in antioxidants help your skin shine, so stock up on blueberries, tomatoes, and ginger. Make sure you’re getting enough protein because this nutrient fights the aging process. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is another quick way to boost smoothness. Probiotics cleanse the body, which includes your pores. Avoiding alcohol is a good idea since it bursts capillaries. That causes unsightly redness and promotes wrinkles.

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Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's Priority Problem

The Pittsburg Steelers barely put up a fight against the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl  XLV. Disappointed fans can’t help but wonder whether or not the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had his heart in the game.

Roethlisberger, 28, was caught partying late into the night at a Dallas area bar on Feb, 1<sup>st</sup>, less than a week before the big game. His antics left him trashed into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and there’s no doubt that he had to spend the following day recuperating. Surely Roethlisberger could have found a more productive way to spend his time. Professional athletes must keep themselves in tip top shape in order to play at peak performance, so it’s fair to ask just what exactly Roethlisberger was thinking.

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Lindsay Lohan: Caught stealing again?

The fun never stops for tragic actress turned probationista, Lindsay Lohan. A Venice Beach jewelry store accused Lohan of stealing a necklace valued at $2500.

The shop owner filed a theft report with the Los Angeles Police Department and submitted surveillance footage depicting Lohan wearing the necklace in the store shortly before it vanished. Lohan, 24, denies the charges. A friend returned the item to the location, and it’s unclear whether the DA will pursue the matter further.

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Kelsey Grammer Gets Rush Divorce Agreement

Kelsey Grammer and his soon-t-o-be ex-wife Camille have finally reached a workable agreement that they can both live with. Grammer pressured the court to take drastic actions so that we could marry his current girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, by the end of February 2011.

No one knows why Grammer, 56, feels the need to say his vows in such a hurry. After all, Walsh will be his 4<sup>th</sup> wife. Neither party has officially signed the agreement, though it’s unlikely that either side will raise an objection to the terms. The agreement leaves most of the financial matters unresolved, and postpones them to a later date. Grammer also has to pay a $2 million bond as a way of securing Camille’s stake in his fortune.

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